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                   03  05 days  Style Tech Conference 'Style Tech Day' Participation

                                               Korea Textile Design Award (KTDA) Award-winning content       production support

2018           08  30 days  Opening the Northwest Fashion Support Center, D3D Co., Ltd.

                   03  16 days  Signed MOU for EIPA Group

                                               08 days   PID Daegu International Textile Expo 'Brand & Tech Convergence Pavilion' Exhibition


2017          11  02 days   Participated in Busan Fashion Week Exhibition

                                             18 days   Korea Apparel Industry Association Exhibition

                                      10   01 days  Launched 'D3D Viewer' APP

                                      06   26 days  Busan Techno Park National Human Resources Development Consortium Agreement

                                      04   17 days  Collaboration with Fuyen Korea Design Center

2016          12  22 days  Fashion IT Experience Hall 'Drama Lehm' Showroom D3D System Display

                                      06  24 days  D3D Mall Open

                                      03  02 days  Registered D3D own factory establishment

                                             10 days  ISO 9001:2008/KS Q ISO 9001:2009' Acquired certification

                       16 days  Shanghai CHIC 'Fashionology' support

                                          21 days  D3D company affiliated research institute recognition (Korea Industrial Technology Association / future creation science department)

                                             22 days  Certified as D3D Venture Company

2015         12  09 days D3D launching show Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)

                                            21 days Sewing academy donation donation

                 10  01 days Established D3D Co., Ltd.


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