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Are the tasks required for the task recorded in the work order?
Do you have original samples or pictures?
Do you have grading deviations during grading?
Do you want to print the pattern immediately after the operation is completed?
Does embroidery and printing work included?
Upload File

1. Consultation contents are recorded and retained by us and are for the purpose of sharing necessary information for our work and not used for other purposes.
2. In case of searching for raw materials and picking up, there will be an additional amount of KRW 30,000 for each item.
3. If the raw materials are not ready for the due date, there may be a delay.
4. We can not be held liable for the contents not indicated in the work instructions, and additional costs may arise for additional work not shown.

(Minimal work under mutual agreement does not impose any amount.)
5. In case of delivery date, we will start delivery of work after completing the setting of raw materials, and the delivery date will be the delivery date.
6. Depending on the degree of difficulty and quality, there may be an additional cost in relation to the unit price.
7. Cash payment must be made within 7 days of issuing the tax invoice.
8. In principle, the pattern will be printed on a paper pattern. In the case of 3D / image files, e-mail will be sent in principle.
9. In case of a real product, we will send the package by courier and quick dispatch if unavoidable.
10. The submission form for submitting a 3D work is the clockwise side / side / side / rear 4CUT and the turntable image (10 seconds rotation). You can specify the image size (default 3000 * 3000), background color (transparent / white / black, etc.).
11. For smooth 1: 1 scale adjustment when delivering an illustration pattern when requesting 3D work 10cm * 10cm Thank you to arrange a pattern with a square.
12. Additional charges will be incurred if you separately request the sample after requesting the sample.
13. If there is no request, the basic cost is 58 ", the loss rate is 5%, and the direction of the food is provided on our basis. The price may be different from the actual price.
14. Grading is the one size included price.
15. Output costs are charged based on pattern yield.

16. The pattern output (sample / production included) will be incurred in future requests.

Your submission is complete!

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